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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Pros

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Process 

Hydraulic cylinders are an integral part of the hydraulic system. When they encounter wear and tear, they can easily be repaired just like pumps and motors in the hydraulic system. At Ames Hydraulics, our experts can disassemble the cylinder to locate and fix the problem. For all kinds of equipment Agricultural, Industrial, and Manufacturing equipment. The inspection process involves the following steps: 



We closely inspect the cylinder parts to look for distorted, eroded or missing seals. We also check for internal or external leaks. Most damage occurs in the rod seal, piston seal, rod, head, piston and barrel. 

      Locate the Problem:

After examining the seals and pistons, we get them repaired by our technicians. If the damage is permanent, we can replace the part. 



      Repair or Replace Parts:

Parts need to either replaced or repaired according to the damage. 

      Rebuild the Hydraulic Cylinder: 

 All parts of the hydraulic cylinder are cleaned out,    then assembled back in place. 


Cylinder Bench capable of repairing cylinders 12" in size 

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