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Our Services 

Our line of services includes the following: 

- Custom Hoses: If your hose breaks, we can custom build it according to your needs. 

- Cylinder Repair: If you need cylinder repairs, we will disassemble it and locate the problem. After finding the issue, we can rebuild your hydraulic cylinder.

- Hydraulic Motor Repair and Rebuild: Our technicians can rebuild, test, and repair hydraulic motors. 

- Agricultural, Industrial and Manufacturing Hydraulic Repair: We offer agricultural, industrial and manufacturing hydraulic   services, troubleshooting and repairs. We inspect all the components of the hydraulic system to make sure the equipment is safe and reliable. 

- Service Equipment: We service construction, agricultural, and industrial equipment like skidloaders, tractors and more call for more information.   

- Intraflo Distributor: We install and sell Intraflo an automatic lubrication system for, construction, transportation, agricultural and industrial.  

Contact Ames Hydraulics for all of your hydraulic need. We serve customers in the Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Boone and Ames, IA area.  Call us today!  

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